Quests is still under development, if you wish to contribute, you can do so by joining the ­čîčQuests Swarm.


Quest is a platform allowing different stakeholders to interact easily and interactively through a quest. A single quest is basically a fundable task where some people can complete it and earn a reward (e.g. $HNY).

There are three hats, you can wear multiples at once:

  • Player - Complete quests

  • Patron - Fund quests

  • Creator - Create and campaign for quest funding

Creators define a task that can be publicly verified as completed and define some parameters:

  1. A title and description

  2. Expiration date

  3. Collateral amount (%)

  4. A maximum number of players (optional)

A player will need to freeze a collateral amount and it will be released when the quest reaches the state completed.

The quest description can be used by the creator to define requirements, milestones, and other details. This is open-ended and quite flexible, upon completion users would specify the reward amount, which may be the full amount held by the quest or a portion, depending on how the quest has been defined.

A one-off quest intended to be completed only once would allocate all of its funds to the first completion. However, a quest intended to be completed multiple times in different ways, for example, ÔÇťwriting a blog post explaining your vision for 1hive over the course of 2021ÔÇŁ could say that the first completion receives 10% of the funding, and each subsequent completion receives 10% creating a decaying reward until the quest expires.

This platform aims to be fully automated and well-balanced thanks to blockchain technology. This is utopia but as we know, when there's a person, there's a problem. That's why Quest will have a contesting system powered by Celeste that consists of handle disputes with votes.