Honey Price Oracle

Can't add liquidity for HNY when creating a Garden

When the Honey Price Oracle goes down, the price of HNY can't be fetched and users aren't able to add the $100 of liquidity for HNY needed to create a Garden.

If you suspect the oracle is down, you can check its health status on this page:

When the oracle goes down, there must be 24 hours of accurate observations after it syncs correctly before you can add liquidity for a new Garden. The Health Status page above will let you know if observations for the oracle are working correctly (Can Consult Prices: "Yes"), and when it will reach 24 hours of accurate observations.

If the oracle cannot consult prices (Can Consult Prices: "No"), or if you're unable to create a Garden after the oracle has 24 hours of accurate observations, please message the #gardens channel in Discord:


Something Went Wrong

If you see the above error here are the most common errors and their corresponding solution:

  • Transaction failed on the faucet - 0.5 xDai needed.

  • Transport Status Error - Clear cache and refresh browser

Still getting error

Check Unsupported chain error

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