There are various Projects and Swarms, with goals that range from communicating to developing new protocols and platforms for 1Hive.


🍯Honey - A protocol that issues and distributes 1Hive's community currency, Honey. Honey holders can create and stake on proposals using the open-source frontend hosted at 1hive.org.

🍃Honeyswap - A multichain DEX aggregator enabling Swaps, Flash Loans, and Oracles. A portion of fees from volume on Honeyswap is used to buy Honey and the local network Comb tokens used as farming rewards.

🌞Celeste - A subjective oracle protocol that incorporates BrightId to make participation less capital intensive. It will be used, among other things, to enforce the 1Hive Community Covenant.

🌻Gardens - A platform where communities can issue their own currencies and existing token projects can engage their community by sponsoring community directed development efforts.

👨‍🌾Honeycomb - An open platform open-source interface for managing DeFi positions, including depositing and withdrawing from Comb farms.

🌵Agave - A decentralised non-custodial liquidity market protocol where users can participate as depositors or borrowers. It's a fork of Aave and unlike our other projects, the Agave protocol is governed by its own token, $AGVE.


🌷Tulip - A swarm working on trading and DeFi infrastructure including Honeyswap, a fork of Uniswap v2 that will incentivize liquidity provision using Honey. And other “Bee-Fi” related projects such as Honeycomb.

🌺Flora - A swarm working on dev ops, infrastructure and node operations. Flora is currently exploring running a validators and emerging roll-up chains.

🌞Celeste - A swarm working on building and maintaining our subjective oracle protocol, Celeste.

🌻Gardens - A swarm responsible for building, maintaining Gardens, a platform for public communities to coordinate shared resources.

🌟Quests - A platform allowing different stakeholders to interact easily and interactively through a quest. A single quest is basically a fundable task where some people can complete it and earn a reward.

🏵Pollen - A swarm and system that maintains our SourceCred instance to distribute Honey based on contributions in Discord, the Forum and Github.

🐝Buzz - A swarm focused on communicating, documenting, and generally spreading awareness about 1Hive and Honey to help cross-pollinate our ideas to the rest of the world. Also makes honey memes.

🌍Terra - A swarm dedicated to translating 1hive projects, documentation and resources.

🦋Morphosis- A swarm creating educational content and running online courses in various subjects including analytics and development. Morphosis hopes to enable and encourage more contribution to the 1Hive ecosystem.

🌐Commons - A swarm dedicated to implement the iteration 0 of Commons Stack model on top of 1hive technology. We are building our project on top of Gardens in order to provide a different option for creating Conviction Voting DAOs.

🌜Luna - A swarm that is focused on modeling and simulation of economic principles to help inform concepts and configuration for various applications within the 1Hive ecosystem.

🐱Fauna - A swarm dedicated to moderation of our discussion channels. Members of this swarm are the ones you're likely to come in contact with to report any misbehavior or scam attempt.

💛Support - A swarm focused on the community, whether it's onboarding or helping users use our products. Members of this swarm are the ones you're likely to come in contact with should you need help with anything.

🐛Bug Bounty - A swarm that manages funds available for the 1Hive Contract Bug Bounty program. It is responsible for interpreting and responding to uncovered exploits.