1Hive and Honey are community driven. Community members are encouraged to participate in the sense-making of the 1Hive DAO by submitting, discussing and staking on proposals.

Exploring the proposal feed

At any given time there will be many proposals that have been submitted and are under active consideration. Users can explore all proposals using the open source frontend interface hosted at and decide which proposals they want to support. Of course, more technical users can run the frontend locally, or interact with the contracts directly.

You can filter the feed by proposal type or status, and can sort based on support or the time that were created. The feed contains different types of proposals and its important to understand the difference between proposal types.


Suggestions, including the abstain proposal, are proposals which do not request funds from the common pool. They can be used to draw collective attention to specific issues, without committing or requesting funds be allocated to the issue.

Suggestions can accumulate support, but they will never pass. Instead, supporting a suggestion will increase the amount of support required for all other distribution proposals to pass. So if you think that the community is spending money unproductively supporting the abstain proposal, or creating a new signaling proposal that makes the case for how you think the community should actually be allocating resources can have a meaningful influence on behavior of the system.


While all of the items in the feed are types of proposals, the Proposal type is used specifically for proposals that request Honey be distributed from the common pool.

These proposals will have an activation threshold, and can be executed by anyone once enough relative support has accumulated to that proposal. When executed the requested amount of Honey will be transferred from the common pool to the beneficiary address.

The threshold and dynamics of support accumulation regulate how quickly Honey can be distributed from the common pool. The mechanism is discussed in greater depth on the Distribution page.


Proposals and Suggestions are the primary means of governance within 1Hive, however, occasionally there is an unavoidable need to make a discrete decision. For example upgrading smart contracts or adjusting the parameterization of a policy.

In these instances a more traditional voting process is used, where a descrete action is proposed and voted on in a binary fashion. Votes are open for a fixed period of time, and if quorum and support threshold are reached the vote passes and the action is executed.

Submitting proposals

Before submitting a proposal, you should first make a forum post on This is where you can provide a detailed description of your proposal and its rationale. It also provides a venue for discussion and debate among community members. Creating a proposal in the proposal category will prompt you with a template layout including all required information.

Currently if you fail to do this, you will simply be asked to withdraw your proposal, in the future you will be required to put up stake which could be lost if you don’t follow the appropriate procedure.

Once you have created your proposal thread, you can create your proposal by going to, connecting your account, and clicking New proposal.

Be sure to provide a short but descriptive title, and link to your forum post.

Terminology on

Common Pool refers to the tokens held collectively by the community and which are available for distribution via proposals.

Token Supply is all of the tokens currently in existence.

Active is the supply that is currently staked to proposals.

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