Discord is where the most 1Hive DAO related activity gets buzzing.

Discord is one of the main tools we use to communicate. On this platform we catch up with the different projects our community members are working on, discuss and pitch new ideas, arrange meetings, support users experiencing technical issues, reward users who are contributing, and also engage in casual discussions. Join and say hi:


Most channels are focussed on discussion around a particular topic, which can be seen in the channel description at the top of the Discord screen. However, some channels are used for purposes other than discussion:

  • ­čÉŤonboarding is for opting into Pollen, check the pinned message and follow the instructions.

  • ­čĄľbot-commands is for summoning Discord bots to give information, register your account with BrightID or setup a tipping account. See details below for commands that can be used in the bot commands channel.

  • Ôťůcheck-in is for daily/multi-daily/weekly status updates from 1Hive contributors.

  • ­čŹänominations is where you can recognize the work of others, particularly those that you feel are not being properly recognized elsewhere. Pollen is weighted differently in this channel, see the end of the Discord Pollen Weights section for details.

  • ­čÉŁsocial-curation is for curating content that is posted to the 1Hive social media channels, details can be seen in the social curation section.

  • ­čŹ»keepers is for those with the ­čŹ»Honey role which can only be assigned if you own 1 Honey.

Roles and Swarms

Roles are self-assigned using the ­čžÜroles channel. Assigning yourself a role gives you access to the swarm working group channel, designated by a hexagon ÔĆú in the channel name. These are under the SWARMS heading on 1Hive's Discord.

The working group channels are for technical discussion regarding the development of relevant projects, for information about a particular project or for help using it please use the BEES channels.

Bot Commands

Commands can be executed in the ­čĄľbot-commands channel which provide useful information or register your account with various services.

!hny help - Displays a list of commands used for displaying info about 1Hive.

!join - If you have more than 1HNY, then you can execute this and follow the guide in the chat to give you access to the ­čŹ»keepers channel.

$help - Enables you to connect with your tip bot account. It will show info about depositing/withdrawing to/from your tip bot account, allowing you tip HNY to other members of the community through Discord. You can react with emojis under the help message for more details.

!verify - Opens a chat which helps you register your Discord account with your verified BrightID account. In the past this was necessary to register for pollen and to mint cred for others in Discord. Currently it is unused but may be used again in the future.

Further details about Bot Commands can be seen in this forum post.


  • Check each channels Pinned Messages for useful information about that topic by clicking on the pin icon in the top right of each channel.