Agave FAQ


Which is Agave Ticker and Contract Address? $AGVE: 0x3a97704a1b25F08aa230ae53B352e2e72ef52843 Blockscout: $AGVEÔÇő

What is Agave? Agave, in a few words, is Aave on xDai. For more information, please refer to these articles: AGVE Token Launch - Announcing Agave, Aave on xDai. A detailed introduction to Agave is also available on our Medium Channel.

What is the total supply of $AGVE? Total Supply: 100 k Circulating Supply: 27,799k

Is there a Website for Agave? A brand new website is about to be ready for Agave. You can already visit the landing page at Agave.Finance.

Where can I find regular updates about the project? Our Milestones page is where we publish major updates regarding 1Hive and Agave.

When will the product launch? Currently, Agave's product is under audit to make sure the release will be successful. The company taking care of the audit is Chainsulting. Therefore, as soon as the auditing process will be completed, Agave's product should be up and running. Although the hope is to release the product soon, we do not want to rush deliveries.

As of now, on the front-end we are completing and connecting the contracts. On the back-end, the audit is in progress, and we are at work to resolve an issue related to the Subgraph.

Where can I find a generic roadmap for Agave? Here you can give a look to Agave's roadmap, subject to change

Agave Roadmap

What about Marketing? Marketing will begin as soon as Agave is deployed, as presented in the roadmap. Any indirect marketing before token launch will just occur through proposals, documentation, token listings.

Our main marketing push will be in coordination with Agave's deployment, Celeste, Honeyswap v3, to promote the entire 1hive ecosystem as a whole.

Is $AGVE on Coingecko? Yes! HereÔÇÖs the link: $AGVE - Coingecko.

Can I contribute in some way? Your participation is always welcome. As of now a few bounties are open, and you can check them all here and claim them by getting in touch with Buzz Dao. We are working on a proposal to create new bounties accessible to all users, mostly related to token listings. (Coinmarketcap, Blockfolio, Dappradar, Coinpaprika, Dune Analytics etc)

Where can I see a chart of $AGVE? Here you can see Agve's chart from the Honeyswap analytics page. Other available charts are on Coingecko and Moontools;

Where can I track LP rewards? LP tracking can be found on Liquidityfolio ÔÇő

Why wasnÔÇÖt I eligible for the airdrop? More than an airdrop, the $AGVE token was distributed to contributors and active members of the 1Hive community, prior to a snapshot which took place on January 25th. Here you can find info regarding the token supply, the token allocation, and the list of eligible addresses.

How do I claim my airdrop? If you were eligible for the airdrop (Please check the list of addresses here) your allocation of $AGVE was already sent to your wallet.

Will there be other airdrops? Although this is pure speculation at this point, the team did mention that in the future a marketing airdrop may take place.

What happened during the token launch on February 28th? During the token launch traders experienced high volatility due to a mistake made while opening the AGVE/HNY pool: The intended ratio of 50HNY/10,000 AGVE ratio was set at 50HNY/1000AGVE. This created a chain of events which caused extreme volatility and the team pulled the liquidity off and reinserted it in another pool (AGVE-WETH) at the proper ratio. Some users may have occurred in some losses, while others may have benefited from this. Please, read Reflection on the Agave Launch to gather more context.

I was affected by the mistake regarding the initial liquidity and bought $AGVE at a very high price. What will happen now? Given that, when trading, the responsibility is of the trader, those who were heavily affected by $AGVEÔÇÖs price received a compensation proposed by the team members and voted by the community, outlined in this post.

How can I provide liquidity and for which pair? At the moment, there are 3 pairs for $AGVE: AGVE-WETH, AGVE-HNY and AGVE-XDAI. You can provide liquidity by clicking here Ôćĺ Add Liquidity Ôćĺ Select which pair you want to provide liquidity for.

Can I stake $AGVE? Not yet, as of now you can hold or be a Liquidity Provider.

How do I follow AgaveÔÇÖs upcoming announcements? There are several ways to be in touch with the AgaveÔÇÖs community: Agave Discord: Agave Discord 1 1Hive Discord: 1Hive Discord 1Hive - Agave Channel Telegram: 1 Twitter: Reddit:ÔÇő

My issue was not addressed in the FAQ. What can I do? The best way to get help from a member of the 1Hive community is to land on the ÔŤłhelp channel on Discord.


What / Who is Alvin? Alvin is an erc20 that is exchangeable (in whole number quantities) for a limited edition plushie of the agave logo character (named Alvin) and an NFT - Non Fungible Token. Inspired by the success obtained by Unisocks (worth over 100k at the time of writing), itÔÇÖs the first collaboration (Cross-Pollination) between 1Hive and Shenanigan. ALVIN v3: 0x50DBde932A94b0c23D27cdd30Fbc6B987610c831 Blockscout: $ALVIN / Alvin v3 Total Supply: 122

I want to redeem my Alvin plushie (Or my Shweatpants). How do I do that? If you want to redeem your Alvin plushie (or your Shenanigan Shweatpants) you can easily do that by landing on and click on the "Buy" Button. Your item will be shipped anywhere in the world.

How it's priced: Dripp tokens are listed starting at predetermined prices of the item. Each buy/sell will move the price. The increase or decrease follows a bonding curve. Each Dripp will eventually find an equilibrium based on market demand.

What is Dripp? Dripp - is the platform where users can stake their Honey, Particle or both in order to earn Alvin, Shweatpants, or both. Staking will be possible for roughly 30 days from launch. (March 4th) For more info, you can read this article.