DeFi management interface

The Honeycomb interface has not been fully completed. Information here is subject to change.


Honeycomb is an asset management dashboard born as a solution to the bees' needs of having a place where they can review their positions and interact with all the different 1Hive services.

My Wallet

This is the homepage for Honeycomb, here you are able to view the net value in USD of all your assets in the network you are connected, you can also see specifically how much is in your wallet, how much you have into Honeyswap pools and how much you have on the farms.


Inside Honeycomb are also the farms for Honeyswap, which promote deep liquidity, making the exchange more efficient and secure, and allows users to stake liquidity tokens earned through pooling, with increased interest rates for longer time periods

You can view the incentivized trading pairs here:

pageFarms on xDaipageFarms on Polygon


Under development, currently sends you to the Honeyswap webpage.


Under development, currently sends you to the Honeyswap webpage.


Under development, see Agave for more information.


Due to the launch of the farms, a retroactive airdrop was setted up as a reward and a thank you for those who were providing liquidity before the farms were launched.

10% could be withdrawn from day one and the remaining 90% is vested for 6 months after launch; through this screen you can keep collecting your COMB tokens.

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