1Hive is an open community, if you would like to help with something, then get involved! We are the vanguard of decentralized organizations, testing and exploring different alternatives for the future, and we would love for you to be a part of this adventure too.

Anyone can come and start contributing. The source of 1Hive's potential is the community, this is where the enormous power of DAOs come from: they can tap into the vast talents members have and benefit everyone by doing so.

How to Contribute

Interact, share ideas, and join the discussion in our platforms. Sign up to the weekly Pollen distribution and earn pollen, which rewards individuals for contributing to Discord, the Forum and Github.

Check out our existing and upcoming projects and discuss ideas with the relevant Swarm. If you have a new idea and it doesn't fit anywhere you can create a proposal for funding and create a new swarm or work on it independently.

Check out the Buzz Bounties for various tasks, generally media and communication related, that will be awarded with Honey.

Provide help and advice around the community and you may be spotted by the Support Swarm to be considered as a member.

If there's something you think should be added or updated in the 1Hive Wiki then consider making a Wiki Contribution.

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