Brand Guidelines

Guidance and assets for the 1Hive design aesthetic.

Concepts that we seek to transmit and elements that represent them:

  • We want to be perceived as friendly and pleasant, so we use many curved shapes.

  • We want to transmit simplicity, like the bee without awareness of the large and complex ecosystem that they are a part of, so we use clean and simple forms.

  • 1Hive is a community that doesn't discriminate against, so we seek to transmit diversity and we achieve that with a wide variety of colors. Our brand colors resemble the variety and diversity of colors that can be found in nature.

  • We transmit flexibility with the use of organic forms.

Some aspects to take into account:

  • Avoid hard and straight lines, and an over emphasis on the alien/insect aesthetic.

  • Our brand should feel friendly and simple but it shouldn't look cartoonish (eg a bee with a face).

You can also see the brand guidelines in this Figma File.

Golden Ratio

We use the golden ratio for the proportions of the logo and in the development of different graphic elements for various reasons:

  • It is present in nature, like all the concepts used in 1Hive (bees, honey, hive, dandelion, etc)

  • Things that possess it are proportionally pleasing and that is related to the fact that we seek to make our identity feel friendly, casual and relatable.

  • It doesn’t look complex at first glance, but it hides interesting logic. This is strongly related to 1Hive, because we want to maintain complexity below the surface.

  • When we were investigating, we found a curious fact: golden ratio is present in hives too. If you divide the number of female bees by the number of males bees you get 1.618, the golden ratio. This mathematical sequence works for any honeybee hive at any give time.

The size of circles, rectangles and different forms we use are multiplied or divided by 1,618 to respect the proportions of the golden ratio.

Color Palette

We use turquoise as the primary color of 1Hive and as secondary colors, we use a variety that combines perfectly and harmoniously with it. This allows a large number of different combinations and as we said before resembles the variety of colors that are found in nature.

We also use opacities of 40% and overlapping elements that allows a more varied range of colors in the chromatic palette and makes the passage from one color to another more harmonious.

Primary color

Secondary colors

See this Figma file to check the HEX color codes and other details such as the grey scale and background's gradient.

Downloadable Assets

1Hive Design Assets including logos, titles and ubuntu font. Requires the decryption key giPbW4M9wRTApPF0J6VkgA

Community contributed graphics and animations.

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