The 🌻Garden Swarm members are responsible for building, maintaining Gardens. Payment for contributions is executed once every 2 weeks and can be seen in the Aragon DAO. Development can be seen in the 1Hive Github organization. Links below.

Aragon DAO holding Celeste funds.

GitHub Gardens Swarm members.

GitHub Garden Swarm repositories. Scrum board showing current progress.

Excel sheet showing hours spent and payments made.

Roles and Responsibilities



UI developer and DAO member

UI developer and DAO member

Solidity developer and DAO member

Senior front-end developer

Full stack developer

Senior front-end developer

Designer and DAO member

Research and content

Content creation

UI developer

Solidity developer

Web3 developer and DAO member

Each DAO member has equal voting weight in the Aragon DAO used to distribute funds.

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