Building the Commons

The 🌐Commons Swarm is dedicated to implement the iteration 0 of Commons Stack model on top of 1hive technology. We are building our project on top of Gardens (the generalization of the 1hive infrastructure) in order to provide a different option for creating Conviction Voting DAOs.

Specifically, instead of the issuance model that 1hive uses, we replace it with a Bonding Curve that allows for microeconomies to have accurate price discovery and infinite liquidity. Commons have a two token model, a reserve and a funding pool that hold a stablecoin (xDAI), and are governed by a Commons token that is minted via a bonding curve. To initialize the bonding curve, Commons have a Hatch in which the community is funded by a Trusted Seed.

The Commons Swarm is built on top of the Gardens project. Both Gardens and Commons Swarms contribute to similar codebases, especially conviction voting, and Commons broadens the concept with new features that better suits smaller economies.

Aragon DAO holding Commons Swarm funds.

Transparent Payment Tracking sheet showing hours spent and payments made.

Descriptions of Parameters

Prototype Hatch

Prototype Augmented Bonding Curve

Prototype Conviction Voting

First Proposal to 1hive

Second Proposal to 1hive

Roles and Responsibilities

Commons Swarm Team


Each of the above members, swarm team and advisors, have equal voting weight within the Commons DAO to manage funds, or are not in the DAO.

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