1Hive doesn’t have a management hierarchy, people are free to come and go, contribute a lot or a little, to take up and champion initiatives or to simply hop in and provide casual support.
Swarms are self-organizing working groups within the 1hive community. They do not have any formal authority, they are simply social structures intended to help connect community members, focus discussions, and get things done.
Swarms can form around horizontal work areas or vertical project initiatives or themes. Rather than a strict structure, swarms are what they need to be and nothing more or less. In some cases a swarm is just a channel in discord, in other cases it may have an associated multisig, typically an Aragon DAO, or similar structure to store funds.
Anyone who has an interest in a particular area of the 1Hive ecosystem is encouraged to find the relevant Swarm and get involved to find where they can start contributing.
Last modified 10mo ago
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