1Hive is a community

A variety of social media platforms are used to communicate and organize within the community. While the primary conversation happens on our Discord and Forum, the 1Hive community is also active on Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and GitHub. There are also community members who contribute regularly on Hacker Noon and Medium.

1Hive and Honeyswap social media accounts are managed by the Buzz Swarm, which is in constant dialogue on Discord through the Buzz Swarm channels, as well as having regular meetings.

Future steps

The Buzz Swarm was recently created for managing media and communication. Since decentralization is the cornerstone of 1Hive, media and communication should be managed for and by the community. See the original marketing proposal for details about the initial plan. We look forward to sharing experiences in this innovative idea of decentralized promotion.

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