Honeyswap on Polygon

Honeyswap Contracts and Deployment Info

AMM Contracts

Honeyswap Factory: 0x03DAa61d8007443a6584e3d8f85105096543C19c

Honeyswap Router: 0xaD340d0CD0B117B0140671E7cB39770e7675C848

ReferralRewardReceiver: 0xf72e8827aa4c03e2c49aa95a6550dd4c8a65a969

FeeReceiver: 0xA25958B0C9bbEE1821dB5CE3d85bc56848Fddf78


Honeyswap Subgraph on Polygon. Source code can be found here.


Honeymaker is an accompanying bot that periodically calls the takeProtocolFee() function on the FeeReceiver contract for selected pairs on Honeyswap to convert the LP fees earned to Honey and pComb.

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