Wiki Contribution

A guide to updating the 1Hive Wiki.

1Hive is a large sprawling ecosystem of many different projects that are continually in development. Maintaining a Wiki is important to ensure that there is a concise overview of the state of 1hive. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the 1Hive wiki.

At the very least one member from each swarm will have write access to update the wiki to ensure details about their swarm and associated projects are accurate. Anyone without write access is still able to update a page on the wiki, or the wiki's structure, through Github using a pull request.

Editing the Wiki using Github

First Time Setup Steps

  1. To edit a page without explicit write access requires a Github account. Create one here:

  2. Fork the Wiki from the 1Hive Github organisation to your own Github account by going to this link and clicking fork in the top right:

Post Setup Steps

  1. Within the Wiki repo that was forked to your own Github account, navigate to the file you wish to change and edit the file directly in your web browser by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right of the files border. Each file represents a page on the wiki, the names should represent those seen through the Wiki website.

  2. Use Github markdown to format your entry:

  3. If adding a new page, make sure you link to it from the file in the root directory to include it in the menu.

  4. Commit your change by scrolling to the bottom, entering a commit message and clicking Commit.

  5. Create a pull request (PR) against the 1hive wiki repo by clicking on Pull Requests -> New Pull Request. Note the base repository should be 1Hive/wiki and the base should be master. Click Create Pull Request.

  6. Enter a title and description about your change and click Create Pull Request.

  7. You have successfully created a PR on the 1Hive wiki repo. You must now wait for it to be reviewed by a member of the 1Hive Github organisation. Reviewers may leave comments so be sure to check your emails and or check back to see if you need to respond.

  8. If you need to update your changes due to reviewer comments, update the file as you did to begin with and they should be reflected in the PR.

  9. Once the PR is considered acceptable it will be merged into the wiki by a reviewer.

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