Tulip Swarm Contributor Onboarding Handbook

This is where All The Things for onboarding Tulip Swarm are elucidated.

How to contribute to Tulip Swarm.

Tulip Swarm uses Zenhub, GitHub's online kanban, to track available work, work in progress, blockers, bugs, and so forth. If you do not have a GitHub account you will need to create one here. It's worth doing some YouTube tutorials or free online courses on Git and GitHub if you aren't familiar with how it all works. Someone from Tulip Swarm will add you to the Tulip Swarm Team in the 1Hive GitHub. Direct push access is granted on an as needed basis.

Contributors need to attend the weekly sprint planning call. Please see the 1Hive calendar. We expect that you will read the kanban board at Zenhub and will see an issue on the board that you can pick up. If you have questions about any issues on the Zenhub please ask in the Discord. Otherwise, you can ask for clarification on issues at the weekly sprint planning call. Please feel free to ask around on the Tulip Swarm Discord server if you would like guidance or suggestions finding a way to contribute. Also, if you can think of a way that you would like to add value, please feel free to discuss on the Discord, or better yet, do it.

Getting paid

In order to get paid for work you will need to create a profile for and join the 1Hive Colony at colony.io. You will need Ethereum Mainnet and xDai network in your wallet. If you have any wallet or network issues please access support at the 1Hive #help channel. Colony.io has a small fee in ETH to sign the transaction to create your profile. Be sure to submit your profile name and eth address to the #payments channel on the Tulip Discord server.

You also need to sign up at Coordinape. Currently @ceresbzns, @Blazar, and @metaverde are admins, so you'll need to get the eth address you would like to use to sign in to one of them. Be sure to award your allotted Gift each week to your Fellow contributors.


  • Contributors should attend the weekly sprint planning call (see 1Hive google calendar), and keep any assigned GitHub issues up to date. If you are stuck or need help, ask in the Discord to resolve blockers. Similarly, if you are looking for a task, you can ask in the Discord.

  • Contributors bill their time against issues or tasks that they have picked up. It is expected that contributors track and attribute their time appropriately. The use of time tracking software is recommended (but not required.)

  • New swarm contributors are expected to bill at the junior rates for their respective roles at first. Once they have completed some work, they can ask for their work to be validated by established swarm members. Once validated, they can bill their time at the appropriate journeyman or senior rates for their role.

  • Established swarm contributors, particularly of the role being requested, should review the request and provide some feedback. The objective is not to be critical or exclusionary, but to ensure that work performed by new contributors achieves the quality and time to completion that meets the standards of the swarm.

  • Payments are typically distributed on a weekly basis and are paid in HNY from the Colony. Since hourly rates are denominated in USD, the HNY/USD rate is used at the time of payment to determine HNY disbursed.

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