Social Curation

Community curated social media.

The 🐝social-curation channel on Discord allows users to make requests to spread content on 1Hive social media channels. Requests are voted on by Discord members and executed if enough Discord members approve. Posts in this channel will receive reduced Pollen from reactions.

The goal of this channel is to increase organic traffic while also rewarding content creators. You can read more about the theory behind this channel in the decentralized marketing and sales strategy post.

To partake in this channel you are required to react with a checkmark in the 🧚roles channel under the marketing curation post.

For Content Curators

  1. Create or find content that you think is worth spreading. If creating your own then consider using 1Hive hashtags (#1Hive, #Honeyswap etc).

  2. Create a request in the 🐝social-curation channel on discord linking your content. The request can be for retweets and likes from 1Hive channels to posts you would like to see on specific channels. Use this source of promotion wisely as you are only allowed to post once every 6 hours. Note: if the request is a collaboration between members, please remember to tag everyone involved as minted cred gets distributed between each one.

  3. If the request’s total up votes minus down votes are more than 33% of the Discord members with the Marketing Curator role (needed for access to the channel) you will see a blue checkmark emoji under your request and your request will be posted to the relevant 1Hive social media accounts. If 24 hours pass and you have not received the 33% required, your request will be removed.

For Voters

Vote on the posts made in the channel by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down depending on your likeness of the content curated. Try not to vote for both as clicking both emojis turns your vote into neutral!

For Social Admins

  1. Social admins monitor the 🐝social-curation channel and wait for a blue checkmark to appear under a request.

  2. If the Honeypot emoji 🍯 appears under a request, social admins managing the relevant channels must oblige to the request from the post made.

Optional: Admins from other social accounts can also share the content if it pertains to their channel.

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