Earn Honey for contributions

Pollen is a contributor rank used to recognize contributions to 1Hive’s Discord, Forum, and Github communities, and reward these contributions with weekly distributions of Honey.

How do I participate

As soon as you start interacting on 1Hive’s Discord, Forum, and Github communities you’ll start earning Pollen, which gets added to your registered wallet as sweet sweet Honey.

In order to receive weekly pollen distributions you’ll need to create accounts on supported platforms and link them to your xDai address. You can do this by posting the below in 1hive Discord’s 🐛onboarding channel:

github: justabee
discourse: justabee
discord: justabee#1234
xDai: 0x0...000

Replacingjustabee, justabee#1234 and 0x0...000 with your accounts. Note Discourse refers to the Forum.

If you have questions, are interested in how pollen is calculated, or auditing the distributions, just hop on the 🏵pollen channel.

Pollen Distribution

Pollen is computed using SourceCred to create and analyze a graph of interactions between community members. While not a perfect representation of the value of contributions, Pollen can help reward the interactions that are important but too granular to warrant creating proposals for or claiming from a Swarm.

SourceCred monitors all messages and contributions to Discord, the Forum and GitHub and applies a multiplier to a base score of 1 cred per action. One of the primary ways of earning cred is when text you write or actions you create are responded too positively by other members through the use of emojis. Writing messages alone do not earn cred. The weights for Cred distribution are decided by the 1Hive community.

Cred earned within 1Hive is only useful within 1Hive. It isn't transferable and scoring is retroactive so if you sign up to pollen after having earned some, you will still receive cred for that period (although you will only receive a honey reward for your cred for the period after registering).

The Pollen Explorer has a leaderboard of Pollen users displaying the cred they have earned throughout their engagement with 1Hive.

The weights that determine the Pollen earned for each action can be seen in the pollen explorer by clicking on "SHOW WEIGHT CONFIGURATION".

Total Distribution

The weekly Honey distribution is capped at $15,000 or 33 Honey if 33 Honey is worth less than $15,000. 5% of the weekly distribution goes directly to the SourceCred team.

Figure 1. Weekly distribution in Honey based on USD value

Distribution Rate

Weekly payout is determined by a contributor's recent contribution's as well as their total contribution.

  • Weekly contribution is the amount distributed for Pollen earned by users in the last week.

  • Total contribution is the amount distributed for all Pollen earned by users up to the distribution date.

  • Decay Rate is the rate at which the total contribution calculation decays for each previous week. Eg for a decay rate of 40%, the previous week is weighted at 100%, the second previous week is weighted at 60%, the third previous week is weighted at 36%, etc.

Distribution Parameter

Allocation & Rate

Weekly Contribution

25 HNY

Total Contribution


Decay Rate


Platform Distribution

A breakdown of each platforms relative distribution of Pollen each week.


Percent of Distribution







Discord Pollen Weights

On Discord, in order to mint cred for other users through emoji responses, users must have received some cred in the past. Minting to self is disabled and the system also weights the minting amount to others depending on how much cred the minter has earned.

Total Cred

Mint Weight

120+ Cred


90+ Cred


60+ Cred


30+ Cred


0 to 30 Cred


All emojis give 1 cred, apart from the below exceptions.


Mint Weight

🍯 + :Honeypot: (custom emoji)


🐝 + :Honeybee: (custom emoji)






Channels that give 0 cred include: ✅check-in, 🐸memes, 🤖bot-commands, 🕹arcade, 🦩lounge, 🍱kitchen, 🐱Fauna channels and all of the Information channels.

The 🐝social-curation channel gives 0.25x the standard cred weight.

The 🍄nominations channel mints 95% of cred for users who have been tagged in messages. Users sharing a tagged user get 5% cred for responses. All users tagged will share cred equally amongst all tagged users in that message.

Forum Pollen Weights

On the Forum the total cred a user can mint is dependent on the trust level of the user.

Trust level

Mint Weight












Due to the infancy of the SourceCred software there are still some ways to exploit it. Various parameter changes have minimized this risk but 1Hive still imposes the following rules, which are known and monitored by many in the community.

  1. One account per user policy A user is not allowed to own and operate multiple accounts.

  2. No reactions/likes trading allowed Entering agreements with other users to like/react to each other’s posts is not allowed. Reactions/Likes trading is defined by a pattern of 2 or more users mutually reacting to most or all of each other’s posts, regardless of the quality of the content.

  3. Bug use / Exploits / Manipulation If you find a bug or exploit in the system, please report it immediately. Those using a bug or exploit to their advantage may risk account deactivation.

Useful Links

Previous and ongoing updates to Pollen parameters.

General rules for engaging in Pollen.

SourceCred documentation for further information.