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1Hive Milestones

These milestones are rough estimates specified and updated by the relevant Swarm. It is kept up-to-date at the best of the ability of each Swarm responsible. For a more accurate status of each project it is best to check out the public discussion on Discord, the Forum, Telegram and other social channels.


­čÄ» Target Date: Q1 2021

For more information see CelesteÔÇő

Change to Issuance Policy

­čÄ» Target Date: Q1 2021

Issuance (new Honey creation) was initially set to 60% per year. It was reduced in November of 2020 to 30%. We are now developing a dynamic issuance policy, details can be seen in Issuance Planned Improvements.

Honeyswap Landing Page

­čÄ» Target Date: Q1 2021 (Completed on 1/13/2021)

A user friendly landing page for Honeyswap including links to guides and useful information. See the new page at honeyswap.orgÔÇő

1Hive Gardens

­čÄ» Target Date: Q2-Q3 2021

For more information see Gardens.

External Milestones important for 1Hive

Bi-directional OmniBridge

­čÄ» Target Date: Q1-Q2 2021

For more information see the xDai roadmap 2021.

This will enable 1Hive to bridge HNY back to the Ethereum mainnet. Currently it is only possible to bridge ERC20 tokens from the Ethereum mainnet. For more information see the xDai roadmap.

­čÄ» Target Date: Unknown

1Hive would like to fork Aave V2 and it is preferred to use Chainlink as it's price Oracle. This announcement confirms a grant for developing a Chainlink integration with xDai.

xDai General Roadmap

1Hive is currently running on the xDai network. Any developments that happen on xDai could have an effect on the 1Hive ecosystem.

For more information see the xDai roadmap 2021.