Planned Improvements

Some possible improvements that are being worked on or researched by the community

Dynamic issuance policy

The new policy would regulate the Honey supply by both issuing and burning to and from the common pool in order to target a specific ratio of the total supply held in the common pool. The two primary goals of the new policy are as follows:

  • Better align incentives around value creation by automatically reducing issuance or burning tokens in response to decreased outflows and/or increased inflows from buyback mechanisms.

  • Make issuance changes more predictable by relying on a clearly defined algorithmic policy rather than needing to update the issuance rate sporadically via ad-hoc decision proposals.

The Luna Swarm is working on modeling and specifying the new policy, with the intention to submit a formal proposal for implementation in January 2021.

Celeste integration

Suggestions, Proposals, and Decisions will be made disputable, this will mean that proposers will be required to deposit Honey as collateral and other members can challenge them if they do not adhere to the Community Covenant by invoking Celeste.

The integration work is underway and is plan to happen at the same time as the launch of Celeste.