For Developers


HoneySwap is a modified deployment of UniSwap on xDai.





The front-end is deployed at and the source code can be found here. The major modifications are rebranding and a modified token list set.

A fork for Honeyswap. It can be viewed at


The fork is powered by forks of two subgraphs:

ÔÇőUniswap v2 Subgraph: A fork of the official Uniswap v2 subgraph with adjustments to use xDai as the base currency and a modified set of whitelisted tokens. Source code can be found here.

ÔÇőEthereum Blocks: A fork of the Blocklytics Ethereum Blocks subgraph with no modifications, deployed for xDai. Source code can be found here.


The front-end is a fork of the official source code with modifications to use Blockscout instead of Etherscan along with minor adjustments to use the appropriate token lists and factory addresses.

The source code for the front-end can be found here.


Honeymaker is a SushiMaker deployment and accompanying bot that converts LP shares on Honeyswap into Honey for the Honey Common Pool.

SushiMaker is deployed at 0x076b64f9F966e3bBD0FCdC79D490Ab71cF961bb0.

The bot periodically calls the convert function on the SushiMaker contract for selected pairs on Honeyswap to convert the LP shares to Honey.

The source code for the bot can be found here.

The Common pool Subgraph.